Monday, 18 August 2014

Stamp Catalogue

This is a sneak peek at how I am updating my rubber stamp catalogue.  I am in the middle of revamping and very slowly making progress.   I have far too little space to store them so I need to have them super organized and easy to find.

The categories are arranged by Alpha/Numberic - Theme - Calendar. (Thank you Tiffany for this)

I only have space to shelve my favourites and the rest sit in Rubbermaid under bed totes.  In light pencil under each image I record the location of where I have stored the stamp so I can quickly find it.

I consider myself a purist where rubber stamps are concerned.  I love the crisp lines that you get with rubber as well as the vintage look as they sit on my shelf.

I made the shelf from 1 x 4's and used cider vinegar and steel wool to get a weathered look for the pine.

I like to hand stamp my catalogue so that I know the exact size when designing a new project.   I find that many of my friends are using digital images to reference their stamps - I prefer to have the actual size.

Once my cataloguing is finished I will be photocopying each sheet and putting a copy of my catalogue in the corresponding section of my ScrapRack.

 This is what my current catalogue looks like.  For my facelift, I have added a header with the category and a footer with my name.

My clear stamps are in a binder with zippered pouches.  My binder is constantly shrinking and has just grown too small for my stamps.  I am slowly migrating them to individual zippered polypropylene pockets and will be labelling them with numbed so the location can be referenced in my stamp catalogue.


  1. You have just solved my "Where's That Stamp?" problem! Thank you for sharing your technique via photos as well as words. I found your post via Pinterest.

    1. Thanks for your comments SuzieQ. I think with the massive amounts of stamps that are now available, our collections can be a bit overwhelming and it can get frustrating trying to find the stamp that we are looking for. This system has worked well for me. Good luck with your stamps.

  2. For a long time I couldn't understand a need for this. Silly me.

  3. I love the header and footer idea <3

    1. Thank you. My previous catalogues have always just had hand written theme titles. I decided to take it up a notch and make it look more professional. I really like how it turned out.