Sunday, 28 June 2015

Copic Marker Storage and Organization

It has been a while since I have posted how I organize my marker collection.

My Copic collection started several years ago with 5 Ciao markers from Curry's because that was all I could find in Toronto, my Ciao collection grew to 18.  Once Michaels started to carry Copic Sketch Markers, my collection started to grow rapidly and I was no longer interested in Ciao markers (link at the bottom of the page for Sketch vs Ciao.)  In Canada the price per marker is 7.99  -- the handy Michaels coupons of either 40 or 50% off fed my addiction and on trips to the US or at scrapping events, I would grab colours that Michaels didn't carry.

In the beginning, I tracked colours in a small notebook and then purchased a colour chart book from Curry's - I needed something to keep in m purse that would remind me which colours I had.

Sketch & Ciao Markers

72 Slot Wallets
Colour Charts

Raskog Cart

Master Colour Charts
The Copic site has the best hand colour chart you can find it by clicking on this link:  358 Hand Colour Chart

Original Markers
I have decided to store my Original Copic Markers in a 36 Slot Copic Wallet.  I can't see myself collecting more than this for the Original Copic Markers.

36 Slot Copic Wallet

Wide Markers
For now because I only have 8 Wide Markers, I am going to just store them in a Blue Que Pencil Case that I purchased from Curry's.

Various Ink Refills
I have yet to find a good storage solution for my Various Ink Refills.  I have them stored in aBlue Que Pencil Case that I purchased from Curry's.

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