Sunday, 9 March 2014

Project Life Organization

I am struggling to find a storage solution for my Project Life journal cards.  I have recently been organizing my "stuff" ScrapRack style thanks to Tiffany Spaulding's 2014 Get Organized Challenge.  My dilemma is do I store the journal cards by kit name in a box with tabbed dividers or do I store them in a ScrapRack.

Project Life Midnight Core Kit
Today I did a test to see how many page protector sheets it will take to store one of each card from a Becky Higgins, Project Life Core Kit.  The number of pages is 10.  It won't take many Core, Mini and Theme kits to to fill 100 pages or even a full ScrapRack.  There are multiples of each design in a core kit so I will still need a box to carry the extra cards - I haven't had luck locating the perfect box yet.

I will keep you posted as to what I find and decide to use for my storage solution.


  1. I was wondering how putting your PL cards in your scraprack is working for you? I am considering putting mine in my scraprack as well and wanted to get your feedback.

    1. I love it! I have also purchased a Create and Carry and can easily tote around 3 Spinders. I don't actually keep them in my Scraprack, I store them flat. I find the cards a bit too heavy for my Rack and besides, it is full of my embellishments.