Thursday, 18 September 2014

Copic Collection App

I recently saw someone on FaceBook giving away a couple of Copic Caio markers because they had purchased duplicates.  One easy fix for making these types of purchases is to add the Copic app to your smart phone.

Copic Collection is an app that I started using a couple of years after battling with a method to keep track of which markers and refills I owned and needed.

I love this app - Just click on the markers and various inks that you own and they light up on the screen.   In this screen shot it shows "stock" markers only (the items I own.)

As you can see I use all of the marker types.  My favourite markers are the sketch.  I find them easy to open with my arthritic hands and they don't roll off the table.

In this screen shot, I have it set to show all markers available and the markers that I have are lit up.

When there are 358 colours to collect it is hard to keep track of what you have.  I have been through hand written lists, the little Copic swatch book, and several hand colour charts - this little app, by far, has been the greatest tool for tracking marker and refill purchases that I have seen.

You can mark items on  your wish list with a star so when standing in front of a wall of markers you won't lose your focus and end up picking something that you don't need.

Copic Collection App
Go to the Copic Collection website here

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