Monday, 24 March 2014

Project Life Card Organizing

Update:  Here goes - I have resisted the temptation to organize my Project Life cards in the cute Ikea Raskog cart.  Instead, I have loaded a case of Becky Higgins pages with my Project Life cards.  I have decided to go ahead and use my ScrapRack to have full view of the card designs and colours without having to flip through hundreds of cards each time I work on a page layout.

Number of Pocket Pages

Theme Sets of 40 - 3 pages
Theme Sets of 60 - 4 pages
Core Kits 660 - 10 Pages

I have used a Project Life clear divider to to section the kits.  I will be able to easily view and reference which kit the cards have come from.  Multiples from the Core Kits will stay in their original box.

The next class or workshop will be so easy to pack for, I just grab my ScarpRack Spinder for Project Life.

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