Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Happy New Year

It has been 4 months since I last posted a blog entry.  Family matters and busy schedules have kept me from posting.  I am back and will get caught up on all of the things I have to post.

Happy New Year

With it being the beginning of a New Year I thought I would post a few things about some of my favourite tools and things I have learned from others.

1. Silhouette America's Cameo - has saved me from having to store great numbers of punches, border punches, dies and paper trimmers.. and the dreaded cartridges. I can also make so many of my own stickers and embellishments custom as per the need.

2. Copic Certification Class - by using my markers or the Copic Airbrush I only have to buy white flowers, ribbons & clear gems. I can have perfectly matched ribbon, flowers and gems for all of my scrapbooking and Papercrafting projects.
Learned to create a chart of markers that belong in each 72 slot wallet that I have so I can know immediately if one is missing and which one.  I also put K & Company Smash Whale Tape around my markers so that I can easily identify which marker if mine if they wander away at a class or crop.

3. ScrapRack - I don't have space for one at the moment but I have learned to get rid of all of my embellishment jars and boxes and organize my embellishments by colour with all of my patterned, single sheets and scraps of paper. Now housed in multiple Project Life 12 x 12 binders to be transferred as soon as I have a place for a ScrapRack.  Things are so much easier to find when they are organized all in one place.  Thank you Tiffany.

4. Ikea - thank heavens they had the wisdom to create shelving units that are larger than 12" Expedit 

5. Scotch - my ATG goes everywhere I do and my papers no longer pop off my projects after a few page turns.

6. ScraPerfect - "The Best Glue Ever" the wet glue I have fallen in love with for both pieces of papers and embellishments that are too small for my ATG and for resticking my Silhouette mat. (be sure to watch the video on the Best Glue Ever  page)

7. I have always been one to Catalogue my stamps, Stickles, stamp pads and marker colours and keep them in a handy binder for quick reference and the location where I have them stored. (long time stamp collector - I'm a purist and love the wood mounted rubber). The majority of my stamp pads are the original pads made by Ranger and I was lucky enough to get large bottles of ink for reining.

8. Embossing folders pressed onto larger paint chips, lightly sanded
to see the design easily... stored in my traveling tool tote for quick reference to my embossing folders to help me with my projects - otherwise i forget what I have.

These  are a few of the things that have helped me to organize my tools and products in a very small space in a tiny apartment and to work more effectively.   My only real issue is where to put a ScrapRack and how to store all of those paper stacks that I love so much.

May all of you have a very productive and organized year.


  1. Love your ideas. I also love "The Best Glue Ever" and I have the AGT gun as well but can't figure out how to refill it.

  2. I'm a catalog'er, too. I'm on the hunt for an old Rolodex to catalog my stamps on. That will sit on my desk and easy to flip through. I don't have near as many stamps as some people I've seen on various threads. I've tried the binder but find it too bulky and I hardly ever use it.
    Love your idea for the embossing folders sample ring. On my list to do! Creative Blessings!

  3. I have my stamp images in a catalogue and just getting ready to start sorting and filing my unmounted stamps into a zippered binder - stay tuned.